Occasionally, Epson printers will fail to recognize Mcor inkjet cartridges, indicating which cartridge is the culprit by way of a question mark symbol instead of a solid black box over the corresponding marking under the 2D printer's LCD.  This usually indicates a problem with the interface between the chip in the cartridge and the 2D printer.  This can be caused by a misalignment of the chip, a defective or damaged chip, or a chip with debris or residue on its contacts.

To attempt to fix this issue, inspect the chip relative to one on a working cartridge:

  • Check chip alignment.  If necessary, attempt to re-seat the chip to a more proper alignment.
  • Inspect the chip for damage, notably cracks, scratches, and damaged or missing contacts.
  • Clean the surface of the chip with a lint free cloth and isopropyl alcohol, or for more stubborn debris, rub a pencil eraser across the contacts until they are clean.

If these fixes or checks are inconclusive or you suspect a damaged chip, please forward the issue on to Mcor Support in the form of a Support Ticket.